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Hard Bondage Sex

• 2008-Jun-5 - Chanta Rose, Audrey Leigh


Chanta Rose, Audrey Leigh

Chanta Rose submits to true Sadist Audrey Leigh. Audrey hits hard, and hits a lot. It's Chanta's turn to be on the receiving end for once. Audrey fucks her slave hard and slaps her face harder. She finishes off by licking Chanta's face, knowing that's one thing Chanta hates.
The founder shoot! We reach here the dimension of the "sacred", guys, on the site. «In my beginning, is my end / In my end, is my beginning» (T.S. Elliot). So, we have at start the SACRIFICE. Somebody who is not able to suffer pains, and to reach pleasure after pains into submission, cannot be a real dome, because of a lack of empathy at bottom with the subs. That's the meaning of this pathetic shoot, the one I had not the will to comment, ever, but the first I had seen on the site in my silent beginnings ; and now, having viewed and commented every shoot on the site, the shoot it is my duty to comment returning to the beginning of the story. And I must say, I agree, into some metaphysical dimension, it is only if we are able to suffer pains, that we are able to communicate with others. Pleasure is egoist, pain is "altruist" (sorry for the paradox) [because in my mind, we understand only the others through the pains, never through the pleasures]. So, we have here a woman who wants to dome in her own rules in her own site, but who is socially nothing from the past ; and, in this pathetic shoot, she exposes herself to subbing, only a single time, just to show she will not be a frigid and superficial dome. After the battle, it is easy for us, viewers, to decide : that's good, that's bad. At the beginning of the story, I'm impressed with the commitment it implied, at bottom, and, if you allow me this confession, I figure, just now being typing on my computer the writing of this comment, there is some moist into my right eye. If I summarize myself, ChantaRose was a rather sensitive woman into pains and the sort of girl you lust to fuck in the ass reversed on some canapé with the fountain of head spread everywhere. And Audrey Leigh always the smart vixen faced dome in charge, who got here perhaps her best role, and I figure Chanta never pardoned her totally for this, even having her subbing later twice. A shoot beyond any judgement : «In my beginning is my end, / in my end is my beginning».

-- regisjean

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• 2008-Jun-5 - Jenya Leanne


Jenya Leanne

Jenya is no stranger to bondage but she is to REALLY being dominated by a woman...lets just say she has never been anyone's Bitch before! I waste no time stripping her down, tying her tits and spreading her ass. Jenya's dripping wet pussy doesn't lie; she likes to be used as a sex slave. Many forced orgasms later I suspend her for some hard fucking...and do so until she can't take anymore.
Jenya seemed hesitant at first but seemed to get into things as the shoot went on. Beautiful tits! They are perfect for fucking.

-- theeman53

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• 2008-Jun-5 - Penney Play


Penney Play

Innocent looking Penney turns out to be anything but. She likes to be used and abused, so Chanta strapon-fucks her hard. The slave is tied, caned and pounded in the ass by a big strapon cock. She cums hard and often. So many orgasms that Penney is gradually broken by her loss of control to Chanta.
Chanta, I have been wondering where you went, I am so glad to find you have your own site now. You are so sexy and I love your bitches.

-- Matrixinla

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• 2008-Jun-5 - Taylor Jolie


Taylor Jolie

Creamy delicious...that's the only way to describe Taylor's wet pussy. She's only 21...and never done porn before but she craves to be one of Chanta's Bitches. Yes, this is her first time on camera, you can't see her anywhere else and here we give her an introduction to BDSM like no other. Tight bondage, hard fucking and many forced orgasms. We also want to know how far we can stretch this virgin pussy so we stuff an inflatable dildo in it and pump it ALL the way up while giving Taylor one of the strongest orgasms of her life. Yes, she'll be back...we still need to get to that ass cherry.
ASKING QUESTION / ASS KING QUESTION : what a fun, here! This v*rgin, 21 years old, who has never done anything in porn, has an enormous leather ass! So, with very light bondage, Chanta initiates her to some pains (even caning), but definitly, this girl has a leather ass! In fact, she is tough for this sort of stuff. But, when we come to pleasures, I warn you guys, this girl is not a good deal for you! Yes, I know, 4 orgasms only, but just see : everyone in less than one minute, the fastest in 9 seconds (to my watch), and lasting no more than 10 seconds. What a terrific girl in substance : you can fuck this leather ass one hour, and you will draw, say, if you allow yourself 10 seconds of rest between each orgasm, about 45 orgasms from that "sow" : and who knows when she will be done at last? After 3 hours? 4? Frightening! I was about to break a rib of mine again, laughing. And when Chanta, in the end, says : «Will you thank me?», she understands : «Will you spank me?» - I was about do die in convulsions. It was a very fresh and nice shoot, with sweet relationship along. And now, as again, I think someone would k*ll me immediatly, if it was possible : this terrific newbie was allowed to fuck Chanta's pussy with a mouth cock ( a rare occurence) : in this exact moment, I was lusting to do the role, with my natural cock, I must say, because Chanta looks such a fucking screw for me (very beautiful in this shoot and expressive in the fucking scene)! In fact, I feel she is an absolute good screw for a guy (but I am not this guy, alas!). Sorry, lesbian ladies of the site, you will not have to fly to France to em*sculate me for my sins.

-- regisjean

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• 2008-Jun-5 - Kendra James


Kendra James

Kendra is a Pro-Domme...or at least she thinks she is. Chanta has been receiving complaints from clients that Kendra isn't giving them what they want so she decides to give Kendra some hands on training. Strict bondage, hard fucking and lots of clamps and electro-play put Kendra in her place...the only question is; will she return to Pro-Domination or remain one of Chanta's Bitches?
Chanta is "cute"! And Kendra is amnesic! That's the funny ending (interview) of this very intertaining shoot. Customers complained : Kendra a softer dome with them. So Chanta must do an example : she will demonstrate the fair way of doming (= sweet cruelty) and Kendra will do the submissive man. Fine t*rtures along (slapping and a lot of electricity), having strong effects, for this girl, not shy but sensitive, is the "whining type", on the verge of hysterical screams. Add to that convulsive tendencies, and you get a lot of movements and noise in the shoot (delighting). As for coming, here too, she is the great convulsive into orgasms (4 as a whole), but she could have reiterated them in a row. Fine shoot, good chemistry, but Kendra not so good to speak about afterwards : she has forgotten the bad sides, so she finds Chanta cute : nice to see Chanta's face on the moment!

-- regisjean

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• 2008-Jun-5 - Ozzma Lynn


Ozzma Lynn

Another virgin to break in. Ozzma has never been dominated before or done porn but she thinks she knows it all and has a smart ass mouth. No need for gags in this shoot! We make her scream, jump and beg to cum with some shocking electro play and a nice hard cock. Tickling and foot worship wrap up Ozzma's introduction to kink...until next time that is.
looks like she wasn't quite into it.

-- ziggy

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• 2008-Jun-5 - Lorelei Lee


Lorelei Lee

Hot girls don't get much tougher than Lorelei Lee. She really can take it all...a Dominant needs to think of new and imaginative ways to punish such an obliging submissive. This is no problem for Chanta, she ties Lorelei tight and adds cruel weights to ger crotch rope. After some hard flogging and a strong forced orgasm she adds a CONCRETE block.! Later Lorelei takes a huge DP and suffers with the samurai turned all the way up. Chanta's isn't finished yet. Bound in a fuck-friendly position she is pounded hard in the ass with Chanta's cock. As if all of this were not enough, somehow a toe ends up in Lorelei's ass and 2 more in her pussy...and yes, she is made to lick those toes clean. Hot action, hard fucking, big insertions and tight bondage...can it really get any better than this?
I think it is the most beautiful of Chanta's shoots I have ever seen. «It was orgasm through the pain : very alive sensation» (I heard : «a[D]live»). This girl is not an "affective" one (on the side of feelings), but an "oversensitive" (on sensations side into life). She has the most beautiful face I have seen of all the models on the site, a mouth which screams like a red cherry you bruise and an extraordinary glance : in brief, when you see her, a sexual desire rises into you to do her painfull treatments to make her feel ecstatically pleased. All is perfect here ! She tooks very painfull treatments (look at the cane marks on her ass in the end), Chanta shows herself very sadistic while cool : a «REFINED CRUELTY» ("refined" being perhaps better than "sweet", on the same ground, here). In the end, the fountain of hair, the light just on the scene, the rest of space into gloom : very circus scene, with training atmosphere (Chantas is the lioness who bites the "trainer"). I cannot wander, here, into fantasy & metaphoric comment very far : I was stuck to the action, and I have only one regret - not to have Lorelei Lee in my private "TORTOISE" (you see : "oise" for "ure") room into my basement ! Very erotic play, I must say. A shoot I would just take with me if having to be lost into a desert island with a computer, not with a real & alive Lorelei Lee rising from the depths of ocean as Ursula Andress in «Dr No» feature..

-- regisjean

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• 2008-Jun-5 - Star



Star is a hard-core pain slut...but we're not sure why. She takes everything we dish out but seems sullen and aloof...but then, this is part of her appeal. Cute, young and with a tight little body that begs to be fucked we take her to the Boiler Room for some punishment and rough sex while bound. Star's tits take some hard bondage and nasty clothespins in every position and although she is rewarded with a hard cock we discover the greatest torment of all for Star is to force her to orgasm time and time again. We even manage to get some tears out of this pretty little face before leaving her tied to the ghetto sybian to cum uncontrollably yet again. After all was said and done, Star was an exhausted but happy bitch to add to the collection.

-- Michele

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• 2008-Jun-5 - Kat, DragonLily


Kat, DragonLily

Kat weighs in at all of 95 lbs, she is tiny. You wouldn't expect such a petite girl to be able to take a big black cock in the ass but she does it with ease...and loves every inch. The chemistry between Kat and Dragonlily is undeniable, never have we seen such a sexy foot worship scene and in true Dragonlily style some of those toes end up deep in Kat's pussy! Flogging, analingus, secure bondage and electro play make Kat one very happy submissive and Dragonlily one satisfied Dominant.
This ia fantastic, would love to see more of both of them.

-- hotpants

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• 2008-Jun-5 - Satine Phoenix, Christina Carter


Satine Phoenix, Christina Carter

Satine is taken to new heights of pleasure and pain in this intense update. She suffers through her first...and second suspension ever, she gets fucked every which way possible while bound and looks stunning with a huge ball gag in her mouth. Christina Carter joins in to slap Satine around. Tits, ass, forced orgasms and really strict bondage show that Satine has what it takes to be one of Chanta's Bitches...until next time anyhow.
Good set with Satine :)

-- perv

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• 2008-Jun-5 - Stacy Burke


Stacy Burke

Stacy Burke needs no introduction, she is a "Fetish Chick" Icon loved by all who see her photos...but she doesn't normally do this kind of scene. A strict strapado with a tight crotchrope begin the scene, Stacy's sexy ass is flogged to a lovely shade of pink and we learn she has a foot fetish. Tied spread open Stacy is forced to cum again and again as her feet are punished, she likes them hit, punched, pinched and slapped. Chanta dons a big strap-on and fucks Stacy so good her pussy fills with cunt cream. Some tickling while restrained end the scene and leave Stacy exhausted but happy.
Stacy can endure more pain (corection)

-- perv

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• 2008-Jun-5 - Samantha



Fresh and Sexy, Samantha has never done a porn shoot...let alone a hard-core BDSM one. She jumps into the deep end with Chanta's Bitches and turns out to be a challenge for us. New girls usually need the light treatment...not Samantha. Her pussy gets wet when spanked...hard. She begs for more when most bitches are begging for it to stop, she wants the longest cock we have for the deepest fuck and manages to fit all five of Chanta's toes in her mouth for an amazing foot worship scene. We are in awe with Samantha...and we're sure you will be too.
Samantha is truly submissive and it is a pleasure to feel the truthfulness of the shoot. If I can make a critisism, it has been a pity not to exploit her submission to have a video with more action and less sex. That is why I give 4 instead of 5 stars. Can we hope that Chanta will use samantha in the near future for a more active video-session?

-- silvers

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• 2008-Jun-5 - Hollie Stevens, Audrey Leigh


Hollie Stevens, Audrey Leigh

Hollie has no idea she has walked into a "Fetish Bar" where the only items on the menu are spanking, hot wax, strap-on fucking and forced orgasms. Miss Audrey doesn't appreciate being treated like a waitress and decides to educate Hollie in the ways of the BDSM world...with all of the above items and a couple of bonuses; foot worship, pussy licking and tight bondage.
Nice Waxing but the res tof the set is boring

-- perv

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• 2008-Jun-5 - Julie Night


Julie Night

Julie Night is one horny little bitch. Slap her, she gets wet, whip her, she wants more, sit on her face, she's in heaven. The shoot starts rough early and Julie learns the hard way that it is not wise to wear a studded leather belt to a scene with Chanta. The cane and a stingy flogger follow along with some of the cruelest nipple punishment ever. Lots of hard, forced orgasms and a nice, deep anal fuck, followed by an ATM show what a dirty little pain slut Julie Night really is.
This is off the record, delete it and dont post it, please. Just a hint: I avoid the intro interviews as for me it is a turnoff to hear the negotiatons with the "slave" or sub about what they like and dont like and limitations. What I enjoy is your brilliant play of domination. Now of course all subs do have their limits and dislikes, but all that belongs outside the play. Once the the play starts, you know all that but you dont talk about it. You play within the limits. So if a girl doesnt take face slapping (Roma), just dont mention it and just dont slap her face. Slap her tits instead, if allowed. And if a model says in the interview that she likes hard spankings and whippings, please then give her (us!) that. And dont disappoin us (her!) - But this said Chanta, you are a better dom than all the men in those sites you know. New male doms should learn from you. You know how to go ruff and how to go gentle. I loved to see you gently and intimately holding a woman's head to your chest when dildo fucking her. It reveals a person who undestands about orgasms. I like your site. Respectfully and with a hug from Frants Frank.

-- Frants

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• 2008-Jun-5 - Candy Manson


Candy Manson

Blond, Busty and Beautiful. Candy Manson is one of the hottest bitches around and this shoot is extremely special as Candy has never before been dominated by a woman. Usually this is a limit of hers but she's willing to let her guard down for Chanta and what follows is some hard bondage sex, sexy foot sucking and almost a dozen hard orgasms while restrained. Candy, thank you for letting us be the first, your submission is a thing of rare beauty.
Awesome shoot.I enjoyed every second of it!Candy is indeed dandy.

-- theeman53

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• 2008-Jun-5 - Mika Tan


Mika Tan

Mika Tan's beauty, determination and raw sexual energy. We honestly think she would let Chanta do anything to her and still smile afterwards. Hard (and we mean really hard) bondage, a nasty ass hook, large ball gags, electro-shock play, flogging, face slapping, forced orgasm after forced orgasm and a deep strap on fuck would be enough to make this an awesome scene...but there is more, yes, so much more....
DAMN Mika How I would love to tie you up, ballgag you & suck your toes relentlessly as you are suspended helplessly

-- Kudos

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• 2008-Jun-5 - Madison Young


Madison Young

A young lady hitchhikes in a shady part of town late at night. Maybe she's looking for trouble on purpose, maybe she's looking to be picked up and abused as a sex slave, to be tied and punished, to be fucked hard like the whore she really is.
Oh yes, redheads are hot, almost as hot as Chanta in fishnets

-- Matrixinla

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• 2008-Jun-5 - Darling



Darling is probably the best bondage model in the world at this time. She can handle strict bondage like no other...but can she be a dirty little slut while tied up so tight? Chanta sits her big ass on Darling's face while in a back-breaking arch, fucks her hard while in a very strenuous strapado and flogs her while she is pulled up on her toes by her tits....and all of this is before the forced orgasms, face slapping, spitting and more.
Darling is quite attractive and Chanta certainly does her best. I'm just not sure that Darling enjoyed the shoot. nothing came across the screen to me that portrayed a connection between between Chanta and Darling

-- lvripken

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• 2008-Jun-5 - Kimberly Kane


Kimberly Kane

Kimberly Kane may have been tied up before but she's never been Dominated like this...and the chemistry is hot. The ass licking scene itself is worth the price of admission but put that with the strap-on fucking, hard rope bondage, foot worship, face slapping, flogging and too many forced orgasms to count and you'll be as exhausted as Kimberly was by the end of it all.
This is Quality material - Kimberly seems to be lapping it all up - pure excitement

-- cobra66

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• 2008-Jun-5 - Jezzebelle Bond


Jezzebelle Bond

The beautiful Jezzebelle Bond loves bondage and SM, she likes to be tied up in her personal life for flogging, spanking and humiliation. She enjoys being told what to do and is obedient so that she may earn a nice deep fuck with a big cock. Orgasm after orgasm rip through her body as she is bound, hit and finger fucked...but it's the suspension and strap-on fucking at the end that will make her cum hardest of all.
The first position, St Sebastian like standing arms up against a vertical pal, shows the essential : nice girl, not ready for hard severe stuff but waiting for sensations, and enjoyable ones mainly. The true submissive. Looking vulnerable, with a beautiful expressive face. She had 6 orgasms in less than 20 minutes : not bad and very close to greadiness, in fact. Two beautiful scenes : Chanta and her intertwined double vibrating in double orgasms with the fountain of hear fo Chanta ; Jezzebelle fucked in horizontal suspension, the face reversed backward. Nice shoot on the soft side of the moon.

-- regisjean

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